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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Questions for Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews is the host of MSNBC’s nightly show called “Hardball.” He’s the guy that former Senator Zell Miller wanted to challenge to a duel, after Matthews verbally abused a young woman supporter of President Bush.

MSNBC is trying to portray itself as the liberal alternative to Fox, but basically it’s the network for stupid people. One of their main news readers – Alex Witt – presents real news at time, but her heart isn’t in it.

She once confessed that her favorite part of the news was “celebrity gossip.”

In the case of lightweight Chris Matthews, he usually asks hard questions only when he has an occasional conservative on the show. However, when he has the usual cast of leftists, Chris turns pussycat and the show changes into “Softball” or “Nerfball.”

He’s a Boston Irishman and a diehard liberal, a devotee of his former boss, Tip O’Neill.

Although I despise Chris for his bullying manner, I’d like to offer him my services by providing some “hard questions” to ask various liberals. Here they are.

For former-President Bill Clinton: “What do you recall as the single most memorable thing that ever happened to you in the Oval Office?”

For Rep. John Murtha: “Just for kicks, how were you going to spend the $50,000?”

For Senator John Kerry: “Head any good jokes lately?”

For Ted Kennedy: “Well, I guess you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it?”

For The-Moneys-in-the-Freezer Congressman Howard Jefferson: “Is that what they mean when they talk about ‘cold cash’?”

For Congressman Harold Ford: “Well, DID you call her?”

For Senator Barack Obama: “Do you think the country is ready for a President who smokes cigarettes?”

For Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “What kinds of outfits do you wear at the Gay Pride Parades?”

For Democratic Chairman Howard Dean: “What was that primal scream thing really all about?”

For Senator Bob Casey: “Is that your real hair, or do you shave half your head?”

I promise to have political jokes every day, except when nothing seems funny. With the Democrats in power, that should never happen. I don’t promise the jokes will be great, only that they’ll be original and will be here.


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