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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Barack (Obama) a Crock???

Reportedly, the Obama For President Group -- one consisting of 209 paid staffers, 9,111 media coat-holders, and 94 registered voters -- has a campaign slogan. It goes this way: "Don't tell Mama [Hillary Clinton] you're for Obama."

There's a report -- i.e., a rumor -- that Hillary's response was: "Barack must be on crack."

Allow me to enter into the fray with the following:

First, "Barack is a Crock."

Or perhaps a kinder, gentler approach: "Yo Mama Backs Obama."

Or an anti-war message: "Barack Says Iraq Sucks."

Or a nasty one: "Obama Never Met Monica."

Or a hip-hop one: "Vote Dat Obama, He Da Bomb-a."

Or a counter to the Hillary Low-Ball: "Barack Never Did Crack."

Or one for the candidate as cigarette puffer: "Barack smokes, but (almost) never tokes."

One Republican strategiest has said, "Barack is the Just-Say-No candidate: no experience, no record, no ideas," but even though that's true, it may be a trifle harsh.

Anyway, political humorists welcome the candidacies of Hillary and Barack. In fact, we worship the quicksand on which they walk. Who said Almighty God doesn't have a sense of humor?


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