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Saturday, December 23, 2006

On the Lighter Side: Jack Murtha's Winter Coat, Alex Witt's "Overnet"

A young police recruit was getting quizzed by an instructor who asked him: "What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother-in-law?"

The recruit replied immediately, "Call for back-up!"

I heard some "new poll numbers" on CNN recently. They showed that the percentage of Americans looking favorably on the Democrats' takeover of Congress had fallen since the election by six points -- before of course the Democrats have taken over!

At that rate, by the end of 2007, the numbers favoring the Democrats' victory may be the first in history to fall below zero.


Some people have said that it appears that I don't like Democrats. Nothing could be further from the truth, because I worship the quicksand on which they walk.


I wonder if the Democrats' recent problems with public opinion have anything to do with their fighting corruption by placing in power people like "Prince of Pork" John Murtha, impeached former federal judge Alcee Hastings, cold cash handler Howard Jefferson, and FBI target Alan B. Mollohan.

Almost makes one yearn for the good old days of Mark Foley.

It turns out that Silvestre Reyes (D, TX), named by Pelosi as head of the House Intelligence Committee, didn't know Al Qaeda from Al's Bar & Grill. Pay attention, Silverstre!


Democratic congressman Howard Jefferson was the first one I've heard of that kept his bribe money in a freezer. In the case of long-time Democratic senator Herman Talmadge (son of race-baiter Gene Talmadge), he had an interesting place to hide money he'd extorted from lobbyists.

Herman had been married for decades to a woman named Betty and, eventually, the senator -- an ugly man who smoked cigars -- started looking around for the inevitable trophy wife. Betty filed for divorce, and it was not an amicable one.

As part of the proceedings, Betty indicated that Herman had a moth-eaten old winter coat in which he stashed large amounts of cash. Lo and behold, someone checked the coat, and it contained just over $15,000, stuffed in a pocket. Herman apparently used it as something of a pre-ATM cash dispenser.

When he ran for re-election, many Georgians apparently sided with the popular Betty. Herman lost to Georgia businessman Mack Mattingly, who become the state's first Republican senator since Reconstruction.

I don't know what happened to the winter coat -- or to whatever stashes Herman kept around.

I wonder if Jack Murtha has an old winter coat?


Alex Witt of MSNBC is still at it. She's the illegally blonde newsreader who once announced that her favorite part of the news was "celebrity gossip." On another occasion, she asked a panel of experts if a certain Middle Eastern figure was in danger of becoming a "piranha." Of course, she meant pariah.

Today, she was talking about "the Internet overall." Except she called it "the Overnet interall."


Is it just me, or does Ike Skelton (D, MO), new chair of the House Defense Committee, look like a dead-ringer for Fred Flintstone?


We call Democrats heads of committees, like Reyes and Skelton, "chairs" not because they're something one could sit on but rather as a reflection of the personalities.

We don't say "chairpersons" because that would disciminate against people who might prefer "sofaperson" or "deskpersons."


There's a story that the Saudi ambassador to U.S., who recently resigned and returned home, has reportedly stiffed various lobbyists and consultants to the tune of many millions of dollars.

And who says there's not an Allah in heaven?


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