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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Read Paul Reed Ward Article in Dec. 19, 2006 Post-Gazette

A major "heads-up" to readers of this blog about an important article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Paula Reed Ward, a talented reporter. I'll write more about the piece later today.

The headline is: "Geneva College Says Laws Violate Religious Freedom." In Ms. Ward's words, "The lawsuit against both the Pennsylvania and U.S. departments of labor stems from the Beaver Falls college's attempt to post job openings limited to Christian candidates on the state's Careerlink Web site."

Football fans will recognize Beaver Falls -- about an hour's drive West and North of Pittsburgh -- as the boyhood home of Joe Namath.

In her article, Ward quotes an imporant figure in constitutional law, Professor Robert S. Barker, of Duquesne University, a Roman Catholic institution. (Geneva College is evangelical Christian "in the reformed tradition.")

Barker says, "Government has become a force hostile to religion and religiously affiliated institutions." Strong words, but right on target.

I doubt seriously that Justices Breyer, Souter, and Stevens -- the Supreme Court's version of Larry, Curly, and Moe -- see it the way Prof. Barker does. Also, the ACLU is already doing its anti-religious huffing and puffing about the audacity of Geneva College in trying to practice Christianity.

More later in a column that will be the first of several pieces about the policies conservative candidates should be advocating as we head toward Campaign 2008.


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