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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Run Diana, Run

I'd like to thank RedRover for putting my Murtha/Mollohan column on the blog at FreeRepublic. In less than a day, it's drawn many comments, including several inquiring what Diana Irey plans for the future.

I'll be talking to Diana after the New Year, and I'll ask her what she plans to do. I'll clear the column with her first before posting, so that I get it exactly right.

What do I think of Diana? She's one of the impressive human beings I've ever met. She's a dedicated wife and mother, a fine elected official (Washington County, PA County Commissioner), a thoroughly honest person, and a complete supporter of American soldiers.

To me, she adheres extremely well to the Two Great Commandments, to love God and to love her neighbors. I told her once she reminded me of a modern version of Joan of Arc, called by God to protect and serve her country. Joan of Arc's motto was "For God and for France," and Diana's could be "For God and for America."

Do I think Diana will run again? I don't know, but I hope so.

Do I think she could win in 2008? Absolutely.

She climbed more than two-thirds of the way up a very high mountain in 2006, and -- if she's willing -- she can reach the summit.

I've cited to her and others the example of Newt Gingrich, whom I knew and supported when I was in Georgia. In 1972, Newt talked to me and several other political types in Atlanta. He was interested in running for federal office.

In 1974, Newt ran against an "old style" Georgia Democrat named John Flynt, a man who'd never had any significant opposition during his many years in Congress. To the amazement of most people, Newt got 48% of the vote.

In 1976, Jimmy Carter of Georgia headed the national ticket and brought out the "yellow dawg Democrats." Newt got significantly more votes than he had in 1974, but lost again to Flynt by a 52-48 margin.

In 1978, Newt declared again -- and Flynt retired from office rather than face certain defeat. Newt ran against Democrat State Senator Virginia Sheppard and won handily.

Most of the rest of Newt's story you know.

If there is a next campaign by Diana, John Murtha MAY retire rather than face defeat, which I assure you he would experience.

But what would he do if he retired? The man has no life aside from deal-making and influence-peddling. If he wasn't paying off family members, former staffers, and various campaign "contributors," his phone would never ring.

Murtha's 149-86 defeat in his effort to become Democratic majority leader is significant, especially given his backing from Pelosi. It shows that the people who know Murtha best opposed him in spite of the speaker-designate's support for her buddy "Jack." I'm sure he'll spend a lot of time enacting political vengeance on the people who voted against him. After the defeat, he looked like one very angry man.

If Diana became elected a congresswoman, or a Senator, or even President, the country would be lucky to have her. She's a bright person who's able to attract other good people to work for her. She's a charismatic speaker (see the segment) who can enlighten and inspire an audience. She would bring a freshness and honesty to Washington, DC that the place assuredly needs.

I see Diana as something of a female version of John Boehner, who will be the minority leader in the new congress. Boehner has never taken funds earmarked to a special project in his district.

Earmarks are a major source of the cynicism and over-spending in Congress. Murtha is synonymous with them, a characteristic that has earned him the title of "The Prince of Pork."

The problem of course is that Congressman Jack is "bringing home the bacon" while Al Qaeda, as we saw on 9/11, is bringing the bombs to our homeland. In his district, Murtha is known as something of a "moderate," or even a "moderate-conservative," but on national security he is predictable vote for his party's left wing fantasies.

He doesn't like Al Qaeda, but he doesn't have a clue what to do about it. In all his speeches, he cites polls that supposedly support his "do-nothing" stance. At one point (on "Meet the Press"), he suggested re-deploying 140,000 American troops from Iraq to Okinawa, a mere 4900 miles from the Middle East!

I don't believe Al Qaeda has any known followers in Okinawa. I do know the Okinawans think we already have too many troops there.

Many, many veterans supported Diana in 2006 -- and God willing, more will do in 2008. They did so because she offered them in a time when the MSM offers only a steady stream of bad news and images of despair.

She knows that if we lose the war in Iraq, it will be a terrible setback in the War on Terror. As General Abizaid testified to Congress: if we "redeply" precipitously from Iraq, the enemy -- an implacable, murderous one -- will follow us.

To beat Murtha, Diana does not have to outspend him, although her having enough money will be important. She does have to outsmart him, which she's eminently capable of doing. She will need a lot of volunteers, writing e-mails, making phone calls, and knocking on doors.

I'd like to end with a personal appeal. If you want to encourage Diana to run and desire to support her efforts, please send me your e-mail address, and I'll pass it on to her. You can send it to

The America we know and love doesn't sustain itself by happenstance. It requires the efforts of all of us.

With your assistance, this charismatic young woman can help begin to drain the political swamp in DC and offer hope to millions of Americans. Thanks.


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