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Saturday, December 16, 2006

You Won't Hear This in Civics Class

"Bo, you paid the wrong [African-American]." Since the comment was made in GA in the 1960s, the term used wasn't African-American. It was made by "Footz" Quinn, head of the Republican Party in Augusta to "Bo" Callaway, who was running for Governor against Lester Maddox and had paid a man in mostly Black Hancock County who "guaranteed" the vote in that area. Hancock's vote went mostly to Maddox, the segregationist, and Footz made his statement as the returns came in. I knew both men.

The following is an e-mail I wrote to superstar writer Mary Grabar (in Georgia, but not acquainted with either "Footz" or "Bo"), who wrote asking me questions about George Allen and Diana Lynn Irey.

I'm writing something on Nancy Pelosi's "Culture of Corruption" this weekend. George Allen's use of the word "macaca" (meaning "monkey" in some language I don't know) is a non-story that lasted for four months and probably cost him the election.

It's a wonder they didn't tape Allen taking a leak. Also, the Wash Post and others belabored him over the fact that his mother (a long-time Christian) was "born Jewish." I think Allen discovered that rather late in his 20's or 30's, and what the h--l difference does it make? What the press was doing was trying to undercut Allen's standing among evangelical Christians.

Newspapers like the Post, the Times, and my own Post-Gazette act almost entirely as cheering sections for the Murthas of the world. They all champion the cause of "diversity," as long as it's not intellectual or political diversity. If a Black man (Clarence Thomas) or a Black woman (Janice R. Brown, formerly of the California Supreme Court) is a conservative, the MSM cuts them into little pieces.

In Maryland, Michael Steele, a wonderful Republican Black man won a significant majority of the white vote (roughly 60-40), but lost the Black vote 78-22 (or about that) and so lost the election. I don't have exact figures on Steele but the ones I'm giving are fairly close.

The notion that "America" (by that, they mean white Americans) won't vote for a Black candidate is pure B-S. It looks as if Lynn Swann (a Black man) split the white vote in PA but got blown away by Blacks in Philly and Pittsburgh who vote as a bloc.

I'm going to write more about Diana Irey's campaign over the next year or so. She got four votes out of 10, and she needed five out of 10 to win. When someone has been in office as long as Murtha, many voters tend to act like Pavlov's dog.

Murtha "spent" more than THREE MILLION on his campaign, while Diana spent $850,000. Most of Murtha's money went as hefty payments to people running around buying votes for him.

He condemned Diana for having "outsiders" come into the district, but he got a much greater percentage of his money from out-of-state than Diana did. He got more from VA-MD-DC (lobbyists and defense contractors) than he did from PA.

If you will look at, you'll find that many Democrats basically unopposed (Steny Hoyer, Mike Doyle in PA, Jack Murtha in most years, and most of the inner-city Black candidates) spend gazillions on their "campaign." Hoyer spent a lot of money, while his "Green" party opponent basically bought himself a cup of coffee. Same with Mike Doyle in Pittsburgh.

Basically, the money in such races goes out as payoffs to campaign "workers' (who do little or no work) and various companies that have scratched the candidate's back for many years.

In Black areas (and perhaps a few white areas), there's something candidates give out called "walking around money." Basically, this is a payment for votes -- say, $10,000 for the "worker," who distributes half of it to people who vote the right way and keeps the other half (as a "consultant").

Some of the unions that gave lots of money to Murtha get dues from illegal aliens, but hey, money is money, right?

No union member (other than the head of the union and a crony or two) gets to designate where the organization's PAC money goes. If they complain, they suddenly find out there's "no work available."

Murtha's key Congressional buddy on the Appropriations Committee, Congressman Alan B. Mollohan from WV, is now under heavy investigation by the FBI. Apparently, his net worth grew in a little more than a decade by as much as $24 million (from a few hundred thousand).

Oh, by the way, he'll apparently head the subcommittee with authority over funding for the Justice Department (including of course the FBI). Mollohan follows Murtha's lead by designating "earmarks" to certain companies in WV and they reward him with big campaign contributions.

My friend, BT, tells me, "Hey Steve, that's the way the system works." Silly me: I thought bribery and extortion, which is what this is, were illegal. Giving taxpayers' money to people and then getting back a chunk of it as a "contribution" is not what the Founders had in mind.

So much for Nancy Pelosi and ethics reform. If Mollohan is led off in leg irons, as he so richly deserves, perhaps Nancy can replace him with Howard Jefferson, the expert on cold cash.

Mary, I'm going to make this letter part of Campaign 2008. I'll follow with some "boring" (but not really) statistics about massive "campaign spending" from people who had so little opposition they could have conducted their campaigns from Fiji.

Keep the faith, Mary.


Blogger RedRover said...

I enjoy your blog! Hope there's a way we can follow Murtha's earmarks in the coming year. With the defeat of the "Pentagon Report Card Bill", it doesn't sound likely. What do you think? BTW, did you notice that Murtha came out of his snit to make the roll call and help vote it down?

8:11 PM  
Blogger Stephen R. Maloney said...

Hi RedRover: Thanks for the compliment. I'll be writing more about Murtha and his efforts to operate in secret. The most interesting question about Murtha is the precise nature of his payoffs to political supporters. I underestimated his campaign spending for 2006, partly because he had "late money" (post Oct. 18) coming in and going out. For a congressman in one district, his spending in 2006 eclipsed that of "Moneybags Hillary."

8:49 AM  
Blogger RedRover said...

I dearly hope you'll be able to trace the payoffs. I'll check back. If you want any of your blog entries posted at at Free Republic, you can contact me there under this screen name.
Good hunting!

9:23 AM  
Blogger Stephen R. Maloney said...

Dear RedRover, I love FreeRepublic (and what it did for my friend Diana Lynn Irey during her heroic campaign) against Murtha. If you would like to publish any of my columns on FR, please go ahead and do so. I've just posted another one on Mollohan and Murtha. If you'd like to use the last two columns, I'd be honored to be in FR. Mention the Campaign2008 if you do re-publish. There is a great deal of talk about how Jack Murtha "brings home the bacon." However, the 12th District (especially including the rural areas like those in Greene Country) remains basically a depressed area. Hmmmmm.

10:13 AM  
Blogger kennygtheman said...

Oh, I know you. You write the trite letters to the P-G's sports mailbag. What a buffoon you are.

Of course you would like Ruth Ann Ditzy and Diana Irey. They are as daft as you are. But keep up the Chuck Noll cliches.

6:46 AM  
Blogger kennygtheman said...

Oh, I know you. You write the trite letters to the P-G's sports mailbag. What a buffoon you are.

Of course you would like Ruth Ann Ditzy and Diana Irey. They are as intellectually lazy and as daft as you are. But keep up those Chuck Noll cliches. At least you think you can write.

6:46 AM  

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