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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Columns to Come: CVS, Wm. F. Buckley, Jr., and "Our Black Daughter"

In 2007, "Campaign2008" will appear every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. At times, it may appear more frequently.

My first column of the New Year will deal with CVS Pharmacy (and other national and regional pharmacies) that are resisting entry into the free market system of doing business. At Wal-Mart, you can get a 30-day supply of anti-depressent Paroxetine (generic version of Paxil) for $4.00, while at CVS (and other similar outlets) it will cost you $58.00-plus.

What's wrong with that picture? Plenty, and it doesn't augur well for CVS and providers of medicines who are refusing to recognize economic reality and their health care obligations.

My second piece will deal with some of the works of William F[rank] Buckley, Jr., founder of National Review, a person and a publication that have played a big part in my writing life. In terms of American politics, Bill Buckley just might be the most influential figure of the 20th century -- a big claim, but one that seems compelling to me. .

The third piece, called "Our Black Daughter," deals with a subject near to my heart: the importance of children having a family (which might be one person or many) who offer them love, support, and guidance. Recently, on "60 Minutes," Lesley Stahl had a segment dealing with California's paying approximately $60,000 per year (in tax money) for the care of each troubled foster child. That's an amazing amount of money to invest in children wandering about in a largely broken system.

Right now, I have a small number of regular readers. Over time, I hope to have many readers.

As I've said before, any publication or web site that wishes to reprint material from this series of columns is free to do so. All I ask is that reprinters indicate to me that they've done so. FreeRepublic -- the "freepers" -- have used some of my material, and I'm happy to appear on their wonderful site.

I've spoken at length recently with my favorite political figure, Diana Lynn Irey. I believe she has a great future at any level of politics -- including national -- that she enters. I will write in general terms about Diana, but I'm going to wait for her to make specific announcements about her future.

The article on CVS and pharmaceutical pricing will appear soon. Please stick with me.

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