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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Senator Fumo and the P-G Editorial Staff: Brothers Under the Skin

Powerful State Senator Vincent J. Fumo, Philadelphia Democrat, expects to be indicted and has stepped down from his position as minority party chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. The charges apparently will be that he used a nonprofit organization for personal and political gain and -- the words of an AP story -- "that employees of his staff serve a similar purpose." ("Philadelphia senator expects indictment," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, B-1)

Senator Fumo said, "I know in my heart that I have not done anything illegal." I know in my own heart that the Senator is a human landfill of malfeasance and cynicism. In short, as legislators in PA go, he's typical.

There's no report on whether Governor Ed Rendell, himself a Philadelphia politician, assumed his Claude Rains role where he indicates that he's "shocked -- shocked" when totally predictable events like the Fumo indictment take place. The governor may be too busy proposing huge tax increases -- which he neglected to mention in his recent campaign -- to react to the relatively steady stream of indictments that take place in Pennsylvania.

As the AP article notes, one of the penalties resulting from Fumo's indictment will be his loss of the 15 (!!!!) staffers attendant on his office. Also, he'll endure a decline in salary -- from $98,690 to a mere $73,613. Poor man.

Business as usual in Pennsylvania.

Even the editorial staff of the P-G emerged from its long nap to denounce what's occurring in Harrisburg, saying that recent revelations "complete the picture of an arrogant legislative culture that reflects almost as badly on the rank and file as on the caucus leaders . . . ."

The P-G editorial criticizes the members of the legislature who elect said caucus leaders, such as the thoroughly corrupt Bill DeWeese (House minority leader). But let's go further and criticize the editorial board that consistently endorses the members -- especially the Democrats -- who vote for the caucus leaders.

As for Governor Rendell, he ran a thoroughly deceitful campaign, neglecting to mention his commitment to sharply raising taxes on individuals, small businesses, cigarette smokers, and nearly everyone else not yet escaping across the Pennsylvania border. Moreover, he ran vicious commercials against his opponent, Lynn Swann -- including one film noir doozy that bordered on racism. It made Swann look like a Harlem numbers kingpin from the 1940s.

The P-G apparently found no problem with the Rendell campaign, and it enthusiastically endorsed the Governor. The publication did no investigation into the massive amount of funds raised by Rendell. It didn't ask who was giving the money or what they were getting for their "donations."

The paper endorsed various "reform" candidates, such as Chelsa Wagner, niece of long-time professional politician Jack Wagner. Of course, Chelsa-the-reformist apparently supported the old-time leaders who've dedicated their careers to decapitating every reform that peeked up its head.

Frankly, a newspaper that enthusiastically endorses someone like Jack Murtha, "The Prince of Pork," has no business condemning political corruption. The state of Pennsylvania is strangling in political greed and self-aggrandizement, and one of its major opinion sources -- the P-G editorial page -- has a complete lack of moral and intellectual authority.


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