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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Have You Hugged David Shribman Today? P-G News (Good) Versus TV "News" (Ugh)

I wrote the following to a reporter (a good one) at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the subject of several recent columns in this space.

One thing I wish the P-G (and the Tribune-Review and anyone else around would do) is to criticize the TV media for: (1) stealing all their good stories from the print media; (2) making up phony "breaking news" stories direct from the police scanner; (3) failing to verify "reports" (i.e., rumors, the most famous being Ken Rice's announcement after the Kennywood windstorm that an 8-yr-old girl had died, which was false); (4) presenting hysterical reports about the weather; (5) concocting "sweeps" news, such as the attempt to turn the Pastor Duggan story into something newsworthy -- and instead having the man commit suicide; (6) being nothing more than cheerleaders for local sports team and stadiums; (7) having "political" news in the hands of extremely biased people (e.g., Jon Delano); and (8) turning bright young journalists (Sunni Abbatta and Allison Morris being Exhibit A & B) into nothing more than news readers. Taking bright graduates from schools like CMU (!) and Yale (!) and then sentencing them to read from Teleprompters unto eternity is stupid.

A majority of people now say they get "most of their news" from TV. A majority of people get something, but it's not really news. TV news is elevator music.

Other than that, well . . . :-)

I agree with you about David Shribman. Sometimes I wonder if he knows how good his staff is. The sports section is the best I've ever seen, even grumpy Ron Cook, who's willing to tackle subjects most sports people think are verboten (e.g., why Mike Tomlin got the Steelers job). I wish Shribman would rely less on the Times and the Post, because they are constantly grinding Beltway axes. Why not make a deal with The Wall Street Journal? Or on the AP?

If the Times or the Post have a Tracie Mauriello (or a Rich Lord or a Chico Harlan or a Jerome Sherman), it's time to present them to the world. Tracie's work (with the help of others) is transforming PA government -- not exactly a minor achievement. I think the Pulitzer Prize people ought to take a good look at her work.

Sally Kalson, battling not only cancer but also people like me (who disagree with her on various issues) may be the best pure reporter I've ever seen. The stories today by Michael Fuocco (prescription drug misuse) and Steve Twedt (mine safety) are models of what journalism should be.

steve maloney


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