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Sunday, March 04, 2007

John McCain: The Incredible, Disappearing Candidate

Brief comments on John McCain: In the 1980 presidential campaign, the Carter strategy was to portray Reagan as: (1) too dangerous for Americans to trust with the nuclear football; (2) too old to be President. In fact, especially in the debates, Reagan came across as a folksy, reasonable man. Also, he didn't act -- or look -- old.

John McCain looks old -- and generally acts the same way. He's 4 1/2 years older than I am, and he might as well be my father.The campaign has hardly begun, and he sometimes appears near exhaustion.

Also, on the critical issue of Iraq, he may be the only person in American politics who doesn't believe the "Surge" goes far enough.

On "Letterman" the other night, McCain talked about killed-in-action soldiers as representing "wasted lives." All over patriotic America, jaws dropped. A distinguished veteran and POW hero, McCain had used the same inappropriate word as the shallow non-veteran, Obama. Frankly, McCain isn't a political neophyte, and at his age he shouldn't be making idiotic gaffes. Perhaps he stayed up far past his bedtime?

One wonders: What's McCain's strategy to win the nomination? No one seems to know. If the strategy is to see his poll number decline so that he can hide in the weeds, he's succeeding. Yes, it's early, and the first primaries are 11 months away, but the fact may be that the "old and grumpy" candidate won't get any younger -- or less grumpy.

Right now, McCain is the man who "used to be a Maverick, but came over time to make peace with George Bush and Jerry Falwell." That situation isn't working at all to his favor.

In the days of yore, John Lindsay ran for Mayor of New York with the following slogan: "He is fresh, and everyone else is tired." John McCain doesn't appear or sound fresh. If he has some attractive ideas for an America under his leadership, I haven't heard them.

More and more, he looks like a loser.

Who looks like a winner? Rudy, Rudy, Rudy.


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