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Friday, March 02, 2007

Siebert and Kurtz, American Heroes, Obama and Biden Something Much Less

Captain Todd M. Siebert, a native of the North Hills section (Franklin Park) in Allegheny County died in Iraq on February 16, 2007. The U. S. Army issued this account: "Capt. Todd Siebert was killed in action while conducting combat operations against anti-Iraqi forces in the Al Anbar Province." The vehicle in which he was riding was "struck by an unidentified explosive projectile." He had been in Iraq for six weeks.

His wife issued the following statement: "Todd Siebert was my husband . . . and now he is my hero."

He's also my hero. The same is true of Russell Kurtz, from Bethel Park in the South Hills, an Army Sgt. burined in his hometown on February 19, 2007.

I hope the families of Capt. Siebert and Sgt. Kurtz realize how many Americans share their grief at the loss of their loved ones. Martin Luther King once said that people define themselves not by the length of their lives but by "the content of their character." It's probably impossible to exaggerate the quality of character demonstrated by Todd Siebert, Russell Kurtz, and the other men and women from this area who've given their lives for their country.

In politics, we hear a lot of empty rhetoric. For example, we have one Barack Obama engaging in the usual sloganeering, celerbrating some fantasy he calls "the audacity of hope." He doesn't comprehend in any way people like Siebert and Kurtz, who demonstrate the audacity of action, who put their lives -- rather than mere words -- on the line. Their audacity lies in doing the courageous things that give hope to others.

Is there anything a Barack Obama -- or a Joe Biden -- would think worthy of the sacrifice of their lives? Friends? Family? Country?

More than 40 years ago, John F. Kennedy delivered a remarkable inaugural address, where he asserted to "both friend and foe " that this country "would bear any burden, pay any price to ensure the survival of liberty." I submit that people like Siebert and Kurtz are the true heirs of JFK. He risked his own life for his country, and he would understand well the men and women who are willing to do the same.

Would Senators Obama or Biden -- or Teddy Kennedy for that matter -- reaffirm the promises of Kennedy's Inaugural remarks? Or would they, like the Jack Murthas of the world, consult the polls first?

Overall, the Todd Sieberts and Russ Kurtzes of America are willing to give their lives to ensure the survival of liberty. In contrast, the elected officials I've mentioned have done nothing to preserve liberty -- or to deserve it.


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